What You Need For A Fun Family Camping Trip

Camping with kids can be an amazing experience. It’s an awesome way to get your family out into nature, experience our beautiful country on a budget, and get some time away from the chaos of everyday family life. However, heading off on a proper family camping holiday does require a bit of extra planning. You need to be fully prepared to make sure your holiday is all about relaxation and adventure, with no disasters or disappointments to spoil the fun. Here’s what you’ll need to make it happen.


  1. A family-sized tent: Depending on the age of your kids, it’s generally wise to go big when it comes to sleeping in a tent for a few nights in the great outdoors with little ones. Shop wisely with a specialist outdoors retailer like MOTackle to find a tent that’s big enough for the whole family so no one feels cold and lonely once the sun goes down. If you’re looking to head out on family adventures on a regular basis, a camping caravan can be a great investment to keep you all comfortable no matter where you stop off for the night.
  2. Lots of tasty food: Because a camping holiday generally requires more physical energy than other getaway destinations, you need to make sure the whole family is well fuelled if you want happy campers and not a grouchy group of whinging maniacs on your hands. It’s best to keep it simple and pack lots of high-energy, nutritious snacks that everyone enjoys, as well as high-protein foods that are easy to cook over a camping fire like sausages and baked beans. Don’t forget to pack plenty of water so your family is well hydrated, particularly when hot weather is in the mix.
  3. Bright light torches: Don’t go small when it comes to your camping holiday torches. Pack multiple torches – at least one for each family member, so everybody is able to head off for a bathroom break whenever necessary without stumbling into a ditch. Large, bright torches work best, especially if you want to take the kids on evening excursions to explore your surroundings without worrying that you’ll accidentally lead them into danger. Don’t forget the batteries!
  4. Encourage natural creativity: You may be tempted to pack suitcases full of toys and electronics, worried that the kids won’t be entertained without their usual distractions, but this shouldn’t be necessary. Camping is a great chance for your kids to have time to play in the natural world and get away from all of their normal toys and games. Show them constellations in the stars, go on hiking expeditions to look for their favourite wildlife, and let them hang out in the dirt for a bit without worrying about a bath. This time in the great outdoors will do them good, and it’ll save you the trouble of lugging unnecessary extra baggage along with you on the trip.
  5. Prepare for the elements: Often, camping trips can take you to weird weather extremes. Prepare for every eventuality by packing rain jackets, warm thermal underclothes and pyjamas for chilly nights, as well as tons of sunscreen for protection from those UV rays during the day. Expect the unexpected when it comes to the weather and you shouldn’t have any problems.
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