Road Tripping With the Family: How to Do It Right

If you’re planning your very first road trip with the family, we’re sure you’re very excited. Here are a few excellent tips to help you make your road trip a grand success.

 “Are We There Yet?”

As a parent of young kids, we are sure this is something you have heard enough and more while travelling even a short distance. There’s something about being cooped up in a small space that really gets at children. If this is the first time you going camping or road trip with your kids, then we suggest you plan the trip in a way that you don’t spend a lot of time on the road. Have shorter destinations in mind. Make sure the destinations are worth the trip, or you will have a harder time convincing them for a road trip the next time around.

Knowing Your Wheels and Preparing For Emergencies

A family trip is absolutely not the right time for you to experiment with vehicles. First, ask yourself if you can drive long distances. Next, ask yourself if you’re ready to handle a bulky campervan. Now, decide on the right kind of campervan, keeping the auto-manual differences in mind. Like we mentioned above, this is not the time to learn. If you’re planning on tripping in Australia, there are plenty of options when it comes to campervan rental Australia. Make sure to check the ratings and fee difference in a few places before finding the right one to fit your budget.

Meal Planning, Stocking the Ingredients and Snacking

Hungry children are not easy to handle. This is especially true if your children happen to be very picky about their food. Make sure to take a little time to plan your meals before you embark on your journey. Having a meal plan helps you make sure you have all the ingredients you need to feed the crew, and also to avoid making the same boring food every other day. Snacks for the journey falls into a category of its own. Remember that children get very hungry and thirsty after playing out the whole day, so make sure to pack plenty of water and juices, as well as a snack like nuts as well.

Over packing and Stealing Space

It’s very easy to over pack when it comes to these kinds of trips; especially with children’s clothes and their other necessities. Do keep in mind that if the weather is hot, they are not going to be very willing to wear a lot of clothes; skinnies and shorts being a favourite of most kids. Pack plenty of play clothes, and weather appropriate PJs. The trick is to bring along just the right amount of clothes. Don’t forget the bug repellents either…!

Entertainment for the Rainy Afternoons

In a perfect world, the days you go tripping will always be sunny and star filled. However, our world is far from perfect, and the unexpected always has to be expected. Always have a backup plan on how to sleep if it looks cloudy. Always have plenty of activities planned out if you happen to have a rainy day.

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