Reasons To Visit Geelong In Australia

Geelong is the place to go if you want to have great fun, great food and an overall great vacation. It is a port city located in Victoria on the Corio Bay, Australia, only around 72 or 73Km away from Victoria’s largest port city of Melbourne. Geelong is tucked away on Australia’s south-east coast and can be reached by taking ‘The Great Ocean Road’. There are plenty of reasons to visit this beautiful part of Australia but here are a few reasons why:

Fine Dining Galore

This area is known for having the top restaurant in Geelong. There is without a doubt a plethora of restaurants to choose from but some are just a cut above the rest. The restaurants in Geelong are all hip and happening spots to be in right now so do not miss out. You can find so much great food at such reasonable prices that you will probably regret not being able to try eating at so multiple places due to how short your visit likely is. If you want to experience a whole new side to Australia’s food scene, then this region is the place to be. If you do intend to go to Geelong try to time your trip with the food festival, where you can get free tastings and special offers for your kids.

Satisfy Those Artistic Tastes

Take a trip to the art gallery and see what eye-catching displays are being exhibited. You can discover both new and established artists at the gallery. The gallery also features some stunning paintings from renowned artists depicting the terrible horrors and unapologetic triumphs of what are considered ‘The Great War’ also known as World War 1.

Beach Days

Go take a dip in the ocean or catch a few waves (if you do know how to surf that is) or merely explore some of those fascinating rock pools to see what interesting fish and critters you can find. The wonderfully spectacular white sandy beaches are the perfect place to be, in order to enjoy a weekend getaway. You can even have some fun playing with the dolphins that are never too shy to splash around with people. Whether you are with family, friends or by yourself the beach here is perfect for everyone and anyone of all ages. So go enjoy yourself and make some epic memories.

Trails And Gardens Galore

Visit the beautiful botanical garden that boasts a vivid array of flowers and some lumbering old trees (which are equally majestic to look at). The gardens are open daily and retain much historic significance. Because the gardens hold graceful Japanese sculptures made during the late 1800’s. Additionally, you will find some breathtaking trails that go through magnificent coastlines, fast flowing rivers and gentle creeks.

So now that you know what and where Geelong is, I suggest that you take a trip and go check it out for yourself. Especially since you now have so many reasons for actually going there to see what the area has to offer.

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