Planning Your Dream Holiday On A Budget

Having a few financial constraints shouldn’t put a major dampener on your holiday plans. Your family still deserve to take some time out of your busy lives and the everyday stress of work and school to visit some beautiful locations and make precious memories together. You only live once, right? If you want to take a proper holiday this year but don’t want to destroy your finances in the process, here are some handy budget-friendly planning tips to help you save cash without sacrificing fun.


  1. Choose a package deal. It’s generally less expensive if you opt for a package holiday with a tour group instead of booking every item of your trip separately. Going on a break with a company like Wild Life Tours allows you to budget for your holiday in a far simpler way, as they’ll factor the costs of travel and the various activities and sightseeing excavations into the overall cost of the tour. They’ll also plan an awesome itinerary for you so you get to see the best of the location you’re visiting without wasting time researching or searching the web for ideas.
  2. Plan your dates wisely. The price of travel tickets, hotel rooms, and resort deals can vary drastically depending on the exact date you plan to travel. Plug plenty of different date options in when you’re looking for quotes on your travel plans, and play around with the timing to see if you can find a date that offers the best deal. Travelling off-season may not be ideal when it comes to the weather, but it can be a fantastic way of having a great low-cost holiday.
  3. Use comparison websites. There are plenty of handy websites out there now that offer very useful price comparison tools for those wanting to go on holiday without spending too much. These websites allow you to look at the prices of different hotels and airlines and find the best offers for your dates of travel. You may find that you can get the same room in the same hotel for a far lower price just by using a price comparison website.
  4. Go off the beaten path. An easy way to go on holiday on a budget is to choose a location that most tourists don’t tend to visit. This may mean avoiding some of the supposed ‘must-see’ spots and looking for hidden gems instead. Thanks to the plethora of travel blogs online now, it’s easier than ever to do some research and find out about lesser known travel locations that will offer just as wonderful an experience as a more popular destination. As long as the location works well for the kind of adventure you want, it doesn’t matter how popular it is. Best of all – you won’t have to deal with huge crowds.
  5. Get started early. One of the simplest ways to save money when creating your ideal getaway is to start planning the trip as far in advance as possible. As you reach the date of your destination the price of your tickets could skyrocket, so it’s best to give yourself plenty of time to organise everything. This also gives you room to create a fun and low-cost activity itinerary that everyone in the family will love.
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