Plan The Perfect Girls Day Out

Trying to find the spark in your sisterhood with the girls again? Try out these ideas for a great girls’ day!

Get Your Share Of Adrenaline

if you are the type of have fun with some adrenaline inducing games and activities, try out bonding activities the likes of indoor skydiving, pottery and any other fun activities that you can enjoy as a group. Nothing says bonding like spending an afternoon on a weekend doing some fun activities with your gal pals. Plus this will bring back all the memories from high school or any fun times you gals had together.

Have A Wine Tasting Party With The Girls

Try hosting wine tasting party. You can pair up the wine with a great spread of several cheeses. Buy a case or two of your favourite wine from Amelia Park Winery. Sit around tasting wines with your girlfriends. It is a great way to swap stories about your youth and the present day. Plus wine will be a great ice breaker!

Try Out A Spa Day With The Girls

This will be great way to spend an afternoon or even a weekend.Arrange a spa day for everyone. Get some manicures, pedicures and massages with great facials. Nothing says bonding like a great relaxing spa day with your girls. This will do great when you have some coupons for the spa.

Try Out Some Make Up Tutorials

Go through YouTube and find some great makeup tutorials with the girls. This will give you some great ideas for the girls and yourself. Take turns practicing tips for great smokey eyes. This will come in handy if you have a girl’s night out planned.

Go Shopping With The Girls

Nothing says fun and exciting like going shopping with your favorite girlfriends. List out the places you want to go to so that you do have to waste time deciding where to go and what to do. Top the shopping day with a great lunch with the girls. You can even try window shopping. It does not necessarily have to end up with a big credit card bill.

Have A Cake Bake Day With Everyone

Gather up the girls and try out great bake recipes. This will work great if you have a pregnant friend in the group. You can even try out snicker doodles, brownies, cakes, cupcakes and more. There is nothing wrong with slashing a couple of pounds on the cakes. You can always lose this on a gym day.

Glam Up And Snap On

Glam up with your girls. You can glam each other up and take some selfies with the girls. This is a great way to get yourself some new dips for Instagram and Facebook. Since you look great, everyone looking at the pictures would think you were caught at a great party with your girls. Plus it’s a great way to look fabulous and boost your self-esteem a bit.

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Have A Movie Marathon

Who is your group’s man crush? Have a movie marathon with the girls of all the movies that you love. Perhaps a Channing Tatum movie marathon. Plus this a great occasion to chug some wine!

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