How to Enjoy a Saturday in Sydney?

Sydney is one of the best weekend cities. Whether you are a local or a tourist, there’s always something you can enjoy in the city on a Saturday. Why fly away when you can have a mini-vacation right in Sydney? Here are ideas for spending the weekend in the city:

Explore Sydney on a Ferry

Sydney’s extensive ferry network is known as probably the best way to explore the coastal charms of the metropolis. There are several Harbour ferry wharfs connected to bus services so you can enjoy a ride even if you don’t drive. Besides, nothing beats a view of Sydney like the view from the sea. If you have a pass that grants full access to the public transportation system, you can ride a ferry and then switch to a train that goes up to the Blue Mountains. You can even take a ferry up the charming Parramatta River.

Get Your Own Boat

Want to explore the city’s waterfront in private without tourists flanking you? Then consider a self drive boat hire Sydney to explore the Harbour unlike ever before. You can tour the Harbour with a private party of your own with this option. It’s also great for throwing parties or birthdays on the ocean.

Hang Out at the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Boating tours are not for everyone. You can still treat yourself to a bird’s eye view of the city from the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge. You can walk across the bridge or better yet, bike across it. If you are willing to spend some money, you can join a tour to climb the bridge. Even if you just walk there, you will still see breathtaking panoramic views of city landmarks like the Opera House.

Sunbathe at a Beach

If it’s summer and you in the mood for some sun, the city has a number of beaches to enjoy. Bondi, Coogee, Palm Beach, and Manly are the most popular. These beaches might be crowded on some days. Still, you can enjoy coastal walks if you can’t lie down to get some sun. There are less crowded beaches you can find as you walk along the coast. A swim and sunbathing sessions just might be what you need to recharge on the weekend.

Picnic Lunch at the Royal Botanic Gardens

The city’s botanical gardens are a verdant oasis among artificial views. The gardens are gorgeous during the flowering season. Even off season, you will be greeted by groves of trees, budding flower gardens, and stunningly decorative ferns. The gardens are great to enjoy an evening stroll or a jog. You can even picnic here. Instead of going to a fast food joint to eat, a picnic at the botanical gardens would certainly improve your Saturday.

Visit an Art Gallery

You can enjoy the art galleries and museums of Sydney even if you are not a particular fan of the arts. The Art Gallery of New South Wales and the Museum of Contemporary Art feature innovative Australian artists even the sceptics can enjoy. If you prefer a quiet weekend, visiting an art gallery won’t leave you disappointed.

Try one of the above ideas on a Saturday to truly enjoy a great weekend in Sydney, one of the best cities in the world.

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