Everything a Rookie Should Know About Grand Slam

The well-known Grand Slam is as popular as Majors. Grand Slam tournaments are where all the die-hard tennis fans scattered all around the world gather together in four locations namely, France, Australia, London and the United States. If you are just getting into the hype of Grand Slam and looking to know it all before you book your tickets to the upcoming international tournament here are some great facts you should know!

History of Grand Slam

The term “Grand Slam” was a popular term in the field of golf. However, a journalist from the New York Times has been credited with applying this term to tennis. Bringing all the four “Majors” that were held in the United States, Australia, France and London did not happen until around 1924 to 1925. Before Grand Slam, the premier tennis events held on an international level were the World Covered Court Championships, the Word Hard Court Championships and the Wimbledon.

All about the Australian Open

Loved by many all over the world, the Australian Open is the first tournament in the Grand Slam. It is held annually on the last two weeks of the month of January at the Melbourne Park in Melbourne, Australia. Featuring many prominent players, the Australian Open consists of women’s singles, men’s singles, mixed doubles, wheelchair legends and even junior’s championship. If you are looking watch the opening of Grand Slam 2018, book your Australian Open seating with reliable and trustworthy vendors for a one-off experience.

Everything to Know About French Open

French open is also known as the Roland-Garros. It is held over a period of two weeks during the latter part of May and early June. The tournament is held at the Stade Roland Garros located in Paris, France. The venue is named after the famous aviator in France Roland Garros. The French Open championship is popular as the leading clay court tournament in the world. The tournament features seven rounds in order to reach the championship and it is one of the most physically straining tennis events in the world.

The Championships, Wimbledon

This part of the tournament is otherwise known as the Wimbledon. This event is the oldest tennis competition in the world and it is popularly known as the most prestigious tennis event as well. The event has been scheduled at the All England Club located in Wimbledon, London. The first ever game of Wimbledon Championships were played in 1877 and it took place in the grass courts outdoors.

US Open Tennis Championships

This is widely popular as one of the tennis tournaments played under the hard court variety. The tournament is simply known as the modern edition of the oldest tennis tournaments in the world. The US Open championships is the last tournament in the Grand Slam according to the chronological order. The tournament attracts many to New York City each year who wish to cheer on their favourite tennis stars. The venue of the US Open is USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Centre.

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