Countries with Beautiful Trekking Destinations

Trekking is a very common and popular sport as well as recreational activity today and people from all around the world who have a deep love for being close to nature always enjoy this activity while on holiday. Sometimes, their holidays are even actually planned around treks that will give them chances to challenges themselves and get to know what secret nooks and crannies nature has left for them to explore. If you love trekking too and even climbing for that matter, here are some great destinations that you simply must explore.

The Chadar Trek

The Chadar trek which is also known too many as the Zanskar trek is one of those treks that brings you an incredible experience that makes its mark in your heart. It is positioned in the incredible Himalaya Ranges. The trek derives its names from the Zanskar River that freezes into a thick solid sheet of ice without fail every winter. You will have to manoeuver through some very narrow edges but if you can make your way across this hauntingly beautiful sheet of ice, you will never forget the experience. This region is one with some of the lowest temperatures around, which is why it is also considered one of the most exciting high altitude trekking destinations around the world. The trekking will commence from Chilling and will go on up until Lingshed, where you will be able to get on to the frozen Chadar Trek. Chardar is also the Hindi word for blanket quite possibly given owing to the thick white sheet of ice. Look for India tours from Australia during January and February as this is the best season to travel here. However do keep in mind that this is classified as a difficult trek too.

The Lang Bian Mountain

In a corner of Vietnam lies a trekking location so beautiful and so untouched, it almost feels like time just stops and waits for you to take everything in as you reach this tremendous creation of nature. Tucked away in a soothing locality with crisp air and loads of greenery is one of the tallest mountains in Dalat called the Lang Bian Mountain. This a very popular destination among a lot of the locals and travellers to Vietnam and also gives you the chance to try out other activities apart from trekking such as hiking, camping and even some rock climbing if you know it. If you do decide to go on rock climbing make sure that you are trained in it, have the safety gear and other tools needed and if possible have an expert or guide who can help you. The local culture of the area only amplifies its beauty and once you get to the top make sure you tell yourself to keep breathing because the view will stop you in your tracks and hold you in a trance. The Silver and Gold Streams of the Dalat City will be visible to you sparkling and shimmering in all their glory from the summit of this glorious trek and it really is something that you should think about checking out.

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