Boating Essentials You Need for a Day Trip

Are you looking forward to that much needed time out with your wife and kids out in the sea for summer? Preparation is important so you don’t miss a beat having fun out there in the water. Here are things to prepare beforehand.

Don’t Forget To Check Your Boat Registration

Most people often forget about this hence panic when the expected day comes. A week prior to the activity, check if your boat’s registration is current. You need to follow the state law whenever you operate your vessel. It sure would be a hassle for the family if you get halted halfway through your trip.

Check All Communication Devices

Aside from planning for fun activities, be sure to have a fully functional and powered cell phone or marine radio. Know all the details for reaching out the Coast Guard, police, and marine patrol in case of emergencies.

Aside from communication devices, expect distress calls out there in the sea. Check visual distress signal gears are available with your during the trip. If not, it is best to purchase one prior your trip. Be sure to check the state requirements for using VDS on the vessel you are operating.

Prepare All Necessary Sailing Equipment

If you’re sailing through Moreton Bay or Sydney Harbour, you need to prepare all the equipment necessary for the trip. You can buy Ronstan sailing equipment in Australia and hunt for the best bargains. Ronstan is one of the best options for sailing equipment and gears so you are assured that you’re getting quality for your purchase.

Always expect that the weather may go ‘off’ when you’re out there in the sea. It might be best to pack in some rain gear just in case.

Don’t Forget To Bring The Cooler

There would be a tendency to get occasional splashes when you’re out there in the sea. Aside from bringing extra clothes in a zip lock bag, you need to have two airtight cooler to with you. One is for all your refreshments and the other if for your fresh catch.

It might be best to bring non-perishable food for the trip. You don’t want to have to feed the family with spoiled food.

First-Aid Kit

Nicks, cuts, and seasickness. These are common problems that you usually encounter when out there in the sea. Be sure to pack your first-aid kit. You can opt for a waterproof kit so it doesn’t get soaked up from seawater splashes. Your kit should include a gauze, latex gloves, antiseptics, tweezers, bandages, scissors, cotton balls, pain relievers, and anti-motion sickness medicine.


You will be primarily out in an open boat so sunscreen is important to bring for the trip. Pack in sunscreen for the skin and lips. You’d want to get a lip balm with SPF to avoid chapped lips. You can also bring a wide-brimmed hat and some sunglasses to protect you against sunlight.

Pack In Water For Hydration

You will need hydration from all the activities (and heat!) during your day trip. Pack in enough for the family.

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