A Few Things to Bear in Mind when Renting a Boat

If you have been contemplating renting a boat for your next event be it personal or corporate, then you should go ahead and do some research on it, so you can secure the best possible deal and host the best possible party yet. Boat parties for all occasions, be it a bucks, anniversary, birthday, product launch or Christmas party, can be organized with minimum hassle, provided of course that you put in some work first. If you have experience with this sort of thing, then it might end up being a lot easier than you planned. If not however, it helps to be armed with tips such as the below.

The Purpose

Are you looking to rent a boat for a proposal? An engagement party? A corporate product launch? You must identify the purpose, as this will help you figure out not only the type of boat you need, but also the sort of activities and events you can host as well as what d├ęcor and theme you should go with. Many people try to work backwards, but it never ends up being very successful. Why go the hard way when you can simply identify what you need the party for and take it from there? You can also work with an event planner to find out how you can tie it all up together.


Before you lock in a boat with the first provider you come across, why not do some research to find out more information? What are the companies around your area that rent boats reliably and dependably? What sort of boats do they have for hire, and is there a selection? What about the price? How much will the boat you have your eye on cost? What about second-choice? These are all questions to ask your Boat Hire experience Sydney, and the more answers you have for them, the better.


Of course this takes on many facets, one of which includes the quality and durability of the boat. How old is it? When it was last serviced? Is everything in working order? How safe is its operation? Will there be a qualified boat driver assigned to you, or do you need to have an appropriate licensing authorizing you to drive boats? Some do, and they prefer to drive the boat themselves; however, if you have just gotten your license, we do not recommend transporting a large number of people across the water as it can be unpredictable and dangerous. After all, this is the ocean we are talking about!


Not that they all must know how to swim, but it helps if most of them can. Once again, you never know what can happen out there. Though you can be as cautious as possible, things still can take an unexpected turn, so it is useful to find out whether any of the guests may have served as lifeguards before or have any experience with swimming and rescuing for instance. You also want to be sure of the final count a few days before, mainly because your boat has to be the right size so it is all balanced.

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