Caffeine Mistakes to Avoid When Brewing the Perfect Cup

There are many caffeine lovers around the world who want to enjoy that cup of perfectly brewed coffee from the comfort of their homes. However, while making a cup of this delightful brew is not too complicated, simple mistakes that we make can really take away from the taste of it and the richness too that needs to be there in every single mouthful that you take. Here are some of the most common caffeine mistakes that we all make but need to avoid if we are to make a great tasting cup at home.

Buying the Wrong Type

We all know that there are many major brands out there that are very commonly consumed on a daily basis by people all around the world. There are basically two main types of beans in the markets today and those are Arabica and Robusta. If you know how to choose the right type it does not even matter whether you are buying in small quantities or wholesale coffee. Always go for 100% pure Arabica beans if you want to experience a wide range of flavours that are also really sophisticated and clean. Robusta is not bad but many connoisseurs often say that Arabica is the way to go. But it is entirely up to you to decide which side you are on.

Using Too Much Heat in the Process

When you use too much heat, the water will pull out components in the roast that will give it a very bitter taste. Ideally all you need to know is that the water should be left to boil for just forty-five seconds before being removed from the stove. Any longer and you can expect a cuppa that just not right.

Using Cheap Filter Materials

Experts say that when you use filter paper that is cheap and lower in standards, you will get to taste a beverage that is equally reduced in quality as well. The best kinds out there are oxygen-bleached papers or the variety that reads as free of dioxin. If you can afford it and are passionate enough about your early morning caffeine fix, you should think about getting a gold-plated filter. These are some of the options that are said to yield the best results but do keep in mind that if ground too finely, there can be a bit of sediment coming in anyway.

Storing It Wrong

It does not matter how high quality the roast is that you purchased if you bring it home and then store it wrong. For example, if you come home, remove the vacuum sealed packaging and put it in an airtight glass jar or one of those containers that have rubber seals, and leave it out, you are storing it wrong. The containers that you have chosen are correct but you need to store this away from the light or in a dark coloured glass jar as bright light will negatively impact the roast. You also need to make sure that the container is completely airtight.

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